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Right of Way & Markers

Spectra Energy recognizes the importance of communication.

We also recognize that pipeline projects can affect individual landowners, and as such, we consistently strive to respect landowners and communication throughout the process.

Pipeline rights of way are marked with signs showing the pipeline's approximate location, commodity transported, name of the pipeline company and a telephone number where company representatives can be reached.

For security reasons, detailed maps of the pipeline are not publicly available. Local Spectra Energy representatives will be happy to show you where our pipeline is located in your area.

Call 1-888-293-7867 or use the Pipeline Locator tool.

Various right of way pipeline markers

The most frequent cause of damage to pipelines is when people:

  • Dig,
  • Ditch,
  • Blast or
  • Drill near a pipeline.

Spectra Energy supports and participates in the One-call notification programs in all 26 states in which we operate pipeline facilities. The program provides contractors and residents with information about the location of the pipeline and informs us of planned excavations, allowing the company to monitor any activities in close proximity to the pipeline. We also support One-call notification programs in Canada.

Before performing excavation or digging on or near the right of way, property owners, contractors or other parties are required to notify their state One-Call (or Dig-Safe) Center in accordance with the state's One-Call notification requirements and the right of way/easement agreement between the property owner and Spectra Energy.

The One-Call Center will notify us of the planned work and our facilities will be marked so that the excavator knows where the pipeline is located underground. We will likely require that its personnel be present for the excavation. This policy is for the safety of those performing the work and the public, as well as for the protection of the pipeline.

New natural gas pipelines are considered necessary infrastructure for the regions in which they are located. These facilities may offer significant economic development benefits to communities within those regions. Even so, Spectra Energy recognizes that these projects can directly affect individual property owners whose land the pipelines cross.

Throughout the project planning process and the process of acquiring easements, Spectra Energy's obligation is to treat all property owners with courtesy and respect, and to provide accurate information regarding the proposed activity. If additional easement rights are required for the construction activity, we will negotiate fair and reasonable agreements for easements to build the pipeline.

The most effective way for a property owner to convey his/her interests is to talk directly to the Spectra Energy Land Agent who will contact the property owner early on about a proposed project. The Land Agent will provide the property owner with information about the regulatory approval process for the new pipeline and seek to identify the property owner's concerns. Experience has shown that most issues can be resolved by expressing concerns and getting answers from the Land Agent, who understands how the project will affect the property owner.

The land may be used for most residential, commercial, or agricultural purposes provided this usage does not interfere with the safe operation, maintenance, inspection, and repair of the pipeline or obstruct access to and along the right of way. Permanent structures cannot be placed on the right of way/easement because they obstruct access and impair the Company's ability to safely operate and maintain the pipeline.

Obstructions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Houses, 
  • Trailers,
  • Mobile homes, 
  • Poles, 
  • Decks, 
  • Tool sheds, 
  • Trees, 
  • Garages, 
  • Swimming pools, 
  • Septic tanks and
  • New leach fields or other structures that obstruct or impede access to the right of way.

Utilities, driveways, roads, fences and improved parking lots may generally be placed over and across the pipeline easement, provided they meet certain criteria required to protect the pipeline.

For example, U.S. DOT regulations require Spectra Energy to provide a safe cover over the pipeline. Accordingly, the grade over the pipeline typically cannot be reduced.

Spectra Energy encourages you to contact us at 1-888-293-7867 early in the planning process to discuss your proposal and determine what, if anything, may be required to work or place improvements near or across our pipelines. 

Enbridge and Spectra Energy Complete Merger

We are now Enbridge!

On February 27, 2017, Enbridge Inc. and Spectra Energy Corp closed their merger transaction. This transaction has created a global energy infrastructure leader—with an enterprise value of approximately US$126 billion (C$166 billion)—that brings together the best liquids and natural gas franchises in North America.

The combined company is known as Enbridge Inc. You’re currently viewing Spectra Energy’s legacy website, where you’ll find information on the former Spectra Energy Corp.

For current and accurate information on Enbridge, which now includes Spectra Energy Corp, please visit

Please note that Enbridge Inc. does not assume responsibility for the content of this website, as information may be out of date or no longer accurate as of February 27, 2017.