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About This Report

Our annual sustainability report focuses on our economic, social and environmental performance during 2015, and provides more depth on five focus areas.  In addition, the report conveys our next steps for the period 2016–2017.

We account for our operated assets only, which exclude our non-operated joint venture, DCP Midstream, and our jointly operated Gulfstream Natural Gas System and Southeast Supply Header.

Our reporting conforms to generally accepted standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). A detailed GRI index and other information is available on our website. This report meets the requirements of GRI G4 core.

We consider several external and internal factors to determine what to report, including those:

  • Raised by stakeholders;
  • Reported in our industry and relevant to Spectra Energy;
  • Required by law and regulations in the areas where we work and voluntary agreements in which Spectra Energy is a participant;
  • Related to upholding our values, policies and commitments;
  • Representing material issues to the organization; and
  • Enabling our success as well as our contribution to a sustainable future.

The Finance and Risk Committee of Spectra Energy’s board of directors provides review and oversight with respect to the company’s sustainability program. Spectra Energy’s senior executives review the content of this sustainability report. Certain financial data has been independently audited and certain environmental data presented in this report has been independently verified externally.