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Political Advocacy & Accountability

Spectra Energy actively participates in the democratic process while adhering to all applicable laws in the United States and Canada.

We believe it is important to engage constructively to help inform the development of public policies which may affect our industry, our company, our employees and our stakeholders.

Our energy advocacy priorities include: pipeline safety; equitable tax policies that encourage energy infrastructure investment; and promoting the economic, environmental and geopolitical advantages that abundant natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil can provide to North America. We also advocate for consistent, efficient government permitting of infrastructure projects.

Spectra Energy tracks and analyzes proposed legislation so that we may advocate the company’s position when necessary. In doing so, we engage with governments at the state, provincial and federal levels in the United States and Canada.

Our key public policy issues include:

The Role of Energy and the Value of Infrastructure

The United States is the world’s fastest growing oil and gas producing nation. These abundant sources of energy help fuel the North American economy, and we view clean-burning natural gas as the foundation fuel for the future to achieve environmental and energy security goals. Continued capital investments in North American energy infrastructure are increasingly critical.

Regulatory Stability

A stable regulatory environment is critical to Spectra Energy’s ability to attract capital, maintain reliable operations and pursue targeted expansion opportunities. Our goal is to enhance our ability to build and maintain energy infrastructure in a manner that ensures safe and reliable service for our customers and a superior return for our investors. Part of that focus is raising the profile and contribution of North American natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil, and the infrastructure investment required. Aligning the need to develop critical energy infrastructure with regional, national, and North American interests can create opportunities to enhance the current regulatory model. We also are focused on ensuring that policy decisions (legislative and regulatory) help build greater public confidence in pipeline safety and build on the work of the industry and regulators over the past decade, keeping focus on those activities which demonstrably improve safety.

Tax Policy

Spectra Energy is focused on advancing stable tax policies for U.S. multinationals that promote investment in the development of North American energy infrastructure and economic growth. We must have a tax code that allows us to continue to grow our business, create jobs and strengthen our energy security.

Global Climate Change

In the United States and Canada, climate change action is evolving at state, regional, provincial and federal levels. Increasing use of natural gas has played a critical role in lowering overall GHG emissions in North America in recent years and we believe it should be recognized by policymakers as part of the solution to a lower carbon economy and to achieving environmental policy priorities. The design of any climate change program or policy will have significant relevance to Spectra Energy. If we are to realize the long and lasting benefits of abundant North American energy supplies, we need sound policy and a predictable regulatory structure. Our energy, environmental and tax policies need to support ongoing use and safe, reliable and efficient delivery of natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil. We are committed to our stakeholders to work towards cost-effective solutions to address climate change and energy supply security.  It is important for us to have a voice in the discussions to help mitigate potential risks and costs associated with compliance.

Spectra Energy makes financial contributions to registered political parties, political action committees and candidate campaigns in the United States and Canadian provinces that support policies consistent with the interests of our stakeholders. Our contributions are in compliance with all applicable federal, state and provincial laws and with Spectra Energy's Charter and Code of Business Ethics. Contributions may be made through the corporation or through the Spectra-DCP PAC, a political action committee that is not affiliated with any political party, candidate or organization and is supported through voluntary contributions from employees of Spectra Energy.

Spectra Energy's total corporate political contributions in the United States and Canada were $171,230 in 2015. Through the Spectra-DCP PAC, eligible employees contributed $238,304 to candidates, campaigns and committees at the state and federal levels in the United States. All of our U.S. contributions are disclosed consistent with federal and state laws and regulations, and available on the website of the Federal Election Commission and the websites of election boards in certain states where the PAC makes contributions.

Spectra Energy’s Political Contributions Policy sets out the governance principles and standards for participation in the political process by the company and its employees. The vice president of energy policy and government affairs provides a report of all corporate contributions to the chairman, president and CEO semi-annually and the board annually.

While Spectra Energy has memberships in a number of trade associations in North America, please find below those organizations where we have a greater level of participation.

Organization Purpose Our Involvement
American Gas Association (AGA) Represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean-burning natural gas throughout the United Spectra Energy's chief communications officer serves as advisory director.
American Petroleum Institute (API) The American Petroleum Institute is the largest U.S. trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. It claims to represent about 400 corporations involved in production, refinement, distribution, and many other aspects of the petroleum industry.

Spectra Energy’s chairman, president and CEO serves on the executive committee.

Canadian Gas Association (CGA) Represents Canada’s natural gas distribution industry. Members include distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers. Spectra Energy’s president, Union Gas, serves on the board as second vice chair.
Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) Represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies that operate pipelines in Canada and the United States. Spectra Energy's president, Western Canada currently serves on the board.
Interstate Natural Gas Association (INGAA) Advocates regulatory and legislative positions of importance to the natural gas pipeline industry in North America, and initiates industry-wide safety and asset integrity improvement efforts. Spectra Energy's president of U.S. transmission & storage serves on the board.
Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) Advances the safe, dependable and responsible use of natural gas as integral to the environmental, energy and economic future of the Pacific Northwest. Members include five natural gas utilities serving communities throughout Idaho, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia; and three natural gas transmission companies that transport natural gas from supply basins into and throughout the region. Spectra Energy’s vice president, pipeline and strategic development, Western Canada, serves on the board.
Northeast Gas Association (NGA) Focuses on education and training, technology research and development, operations, planning and increasing public awareness of natural gas in the Northeast United States. Represents natural gas distribution companies, transmission companies, liquefied natural gas importers, and associate member companies in the Northeast United States. Spectra Energy's president, U.S. transmission & storage and Spectra Energy’s president of Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, serve on the board.
Southern Gas Association (SGA)  Provides timely training, education, and industry information and best practices to member companies in the natural gas industry. Also serves as a forum for the collaborative promotion of the increased use of natural gas.

Spectra Energy's group vice president, regulatory affairs, served as chairman and currently serves as the Second Past Chairman.

Spectra Energy’s vice president, business development serves on the board.

Ontario Energy Association (OEA) Core functions are to connect, advocate, research and educate. A bridge between business, government and other groups to foster common understanding of each other's positions and interests, the OEA provides support and resources to help people in the energy community share information and ideas and make connections. Spectra Energy's president, Union Gas, serves as chair.
Master Limited Partnership Association
The Master Limited Partnership Association is a trade association representing the publicly traded limited partnerships (PTPs) that are commonly known as master limited partnerships (MLPs), and those who work with them. Spectra Energy's chief communications officer serves on the board.