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How We Do Business

Business Model

At Spectra Energy, our strategy is to create superior and sustainable value for our customers, investors, employees and communities by delivering natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil to premium markets.

We believe that North America’s energy needs will continue to grow and our business model is focused on developing and operating the infrastructure that serves our customers’ energy-related needs.

  • One of the largest midstream natural gas businesses in Canada.
  • Business is comprised of: BC Pipeline, BC Field Services, Canadian Midstream and Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Canada.
  • Approximately 1,300 employees.
  • Provides transmission, storage and gathering of natural gas through interstate pipeline systems for customers in various regions of the midwestern, northeastern and southeastern United States.
  • Approximately 14,000 miles of transmission and gathering pipelines across the system.
  • Approximately 255 Bcf in 8 underground facilities.
  • Approximately 2,300 employees.
  • Second largest natural gas utility in Canada.
  • 1.4 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in more than 400 communities.
  • Approximately 40,000 miles of main & service lines with almost 3,000 miles of transmission pipeline system-wide.
  • Approximately 160 Bcf in 23 underground facilities.
  • Approximately 2,300 employees.

Express Pipeline and Platte Pipeline

  • Transports crude oil from Western Canada and the Bakken shale to refineries in the midwestern United States.
  • Consists of more than 1,700 miles of transmission pipeline.
  • System includes 44 storage tanks with a total capacity of 4.8 million barrels (MMBbls) and 38 pumping stations.
  • Approximately 120 employees.

Living Our Values

How we conduct our business is essential to our success to become the partner of choice. We live our core values and commit to building win-win relationships in the communities we serve. For our business to flourish, we must understand our stakeholders' needs, and we do so by engaging, respecting and being responsive to their diverse perspectives.

We act with integrity. We promote ethical behavior and meet and exceed minimum legal compliance standards. We also help shape the future of our industry by introducing and modeling best practices.

To achieve our business goals we set high performance standards, such as:

  • Engaging stakeholders in a meaningful way to help us build needed energy infrastructure; attract and retain customers; obtain our social license to operate; and meet or exceed regulators’ expectations.
  • Delivering safe and reliable operations and building an employee culture that places safety above all else.
  • Recruiting, investing in and retaining employees and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace that respects the individual.

We believe that the outcome of living our values will result in our company being sustainable and prosperous. To us, that means providing infrastructure services in a way that is economically, environmentally and social responsible.