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Corporate Governance

We are committed to strong and sustainable corporate governance, which promotes the long-term interests of our shareholders, strengthens board and management accountability, and helps build trust in our company. 

Governance Highlights
  • Annual board and committee self-evaluations
  • 38 board and committee meetings in 2015 (overall attendance was over 95 percent)
  • Annual shareholder advisory approval of executive compensation
  • Executive compensation driven by pay-for-performance philosophy
  • Share ownership guidelines for directors and executives
  • Equity awards with clawback provisions
  • No shareholder rights plan or “poison pill”
  • Transparent public policy engagement
  • Long-standing active shareholder engagement
  • Three-year proxy vote summary
  • Political contributions policy
  • Annual publications:


The Spectra Energy Board of Directors has oversight responsibility for the company’s risk management process. As part of a uniform enterprise-wide risk analysis process, risks are identified, assessed on the probability and potential of having a significant adverse effect on our business, and prioritized. We implement risk mitigation practices to effectively address and manage identified risks, including a comprehensive approach to managing environmental and social risks throughout our project lifecycles.

At the beginning of each year, the board of directors reviews prioritized risks across four areas – financial, strategic, operational and legal. These and other risks are described in detail in the Spectra Energy 10K ‘risk factor’ section.