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CEO Letter

To Our Fellow Stakeholders,

Photo of Greg Ebel, Chairman, President & CEO

Greg Ebel, Chairman, President and CEO

At Spectra Energy, we’re dedicated to serving a triple bottom line that advances economic, social and environmental goals. Our sustainability focus touches all facets of our business, extending beyond what we do – connecting energy supplies to North American markets – to how we conduct our business and build relationships.

In 2015 we delivered solid results across the spectrum. On the employee safety front, our total incident frequency rate remained constant during the year, just short of our top decile goal.  We are pleased with the significant progress achieved across the company in vehicular safety, and in the notable reduction in injuries in Western Canada. In addition, we are laying the foundation for positive, lasting improvement in safety performance by implementing new risk identification and mitigation training programs at Union Gas and focusing on safety leadership in our U.S. operations.

Importantly, the natural gas we deliver is playing a critical role in advancing North America’s environmental goals. Electric generators across the country are phasing out coal- and oil-fired generation facilities in favor of cleaner-burning, more affordable natural gas. This fuel switch has resulted in lower greenhouse gas emissions.  In our own operations we have achieved a significant reduction, more than 20 percent since 2011, in the greenhouse gas intensity of our business, and we continue to participate in voluntary programs that reduce or avoid methane emissions.

We employ a community investment strategy that targets education, workforce development, safety, environmental stewardship and community vitality. Examples include our partnership and education efforts with First Responder agencies, conservation initiatives associated with our project development work, and scholarship support of local universities and technical schools aimed at building community vitality and the next generation of leaders.

The greatest asset we have at Spectra Energy is our talented and motivated team, and we are committed to being the ‘employer of choice’ for both new hires and tenured employees. We offer a range of innovative training, development and mentoring options; attractive, competitive benefits; employee-led resource networks; and company-supported volunteer and community engagement opportunities. And we are gratified by our ongoing inclusion in top employer listings in Houston and Canada.

I am proud of our team and their collective capacity and commitment to serving and balancing the social, environmental and economic needs of stakeholders. Their efforts have built a strong and responsive company characterized by a steadfast focus on safety and environmental integrity, consistent financial performance, longstanding connections with the communities we serve, and a workplace culture that respects individual contributions and team collaboration.

We know that our success rests with the trust of our stakeholders. We hope you’ll continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Please let us know how we’re doing through the survey that you will find in our online sustainability report.

Greg Ebel, Chairman, President and CEO