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Our Approach

Our Commitment

"At Spectra Energy, we embrace corporate responsibility.Our commitment helps ensure that we make sustainable choices every day that meet, and in many cases, exceed our stakeholders' expectations and deliver long-term value. We engage with all our stakeholders and pursue a healthy balance of economic, social and environmental practices."

- Joanne Howard, Director of Sustainability

Greg Ebel, Chairman, President & CEO

Letter From The Chairman, President & CEO

We aim to succeed and thrive by achieving the right balance among economic, environmental and social considerations critical to stakeholders like you.


Our primary business objective is to grow our business through organic growth, expansions and acquisitions; with a continual focus on safety, reliability, customer responsiveness and profitability.

To achieve our goal, to be the “Company of Choice,” requires that we succeed in being the supplier, employer, investment, advisor and partner of choice for our key stakeholders - those who are, or could be, affected by the company's operations.

We conduct our business with integrity, transparency and accountability. We know our stakeholders want to understand how we make decisions, manage our operations and hold ourselves accountable.

At Spectra Energy, we are deeply committed to ethical, honest and transparent business conduct. We champion a culture of compliance and to us that means far more than just meeting regulations.

We participate in the democratic process while adhering to all applicable laws in the U.S. and Canada. We also participate in various trade associations through membership and participation on committees.