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Our Communities

Strategic Giving

Spectra Energy believes in investing in the communities where our employees live and work.

This means responding to community needs through strategic giving, volunteerism, matching gifts and the United Way. In 2015, we contributed approximately $9.2 million to communities across North America. 

We focus our giving in three strategic areas: Education and Workforce Development, Community Vitality, and Employee Support and Volunteerism. We work with community partners to identify those opportunities that achieve the greatest societal and business benefits and align with our strategy.

Volunteerism is a vital part of who we are as an organization.  In 2015, we volunteered 30,500 hours, the value of which exceeded $1 million, including grants and volunteer hours. We match employee gifts  to charitable organizations and provide merit scholarships to support university education for children of our employees.

Our standardized approach to community investments with our major projects helps us align our investments with our corporate strategies, address key stakeholder feedback and project-specific community needs, as well as benefiting local communities and our company.

Our Focus Areas Education and Workforce Development Community Vitality Employee Support and Volunteerism


We support programs that are focused on skills development and workforce readiness including pre-K to 12, secondary and university levels, and technical and professional accreditation.

We contribute to the health and success of our communities through investments in the United Way, environment, targeted arts and culture, safety and community enhancement.

We support our employees and retirees in their volunteer efforts and by matching their contributions to the United Way and eligible charitable organizations.  

Why Important

  • Builds capacity in communities


  • Leverages opportunities for at-risk youth


  • Increases future talent pool of potential employees
  • Helps make our communities vibrant and attractive places for our employees and neighbors to live and work
  • Enhances the culture and identity of our communities
  • Benefits our communities
  • Contributes to employee leadership development and engagement
  • Supports our employees’ interest and investment in our communities

Key Performance Indicators & Impact

  • 19% of spend
  • 39 college scholarships totaling $164,000 given to children of Spectra Energy employees
  • 133 educational partnerships across North America ranging from early childhood education to university level
  • $49,100 and 81 bursaries to Aboriginal scholars
  • 56% of spend
  • More than $1.9 million  contributed to the United Way in the U.S and $1.7 million in Canada  by Spectra Energy and our employees and retirees
  • 24 years as a $1 million + donor to the United Way of Greater Houston
  •  Increased stakeholders’ awareness of pipeline safety through support of local first responders
  • 25% of spend
  • More than 300  organizations in the U.S received approximately $785,000 in employee giving and company matching funds; 130 Canadian organizations received approximately $400,000
  • 435 Helping Hands in Action Volunteer Projects executed resulting in 30,500 volunteer hours

Case Studies