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Operating Safely and Reliably

At Spectra Energy, Safety Above All Else is a core value.

Our business is dependent on the safe and reliable operation of assets to ensure the safety of our employees, our contractors and the communities in which we live and operate.

Our pipeline system has been constructed over a period of more than 100 years with hundreds of miles of new pipeline constructed, installed and maintained each year. We are continually assessing and upgrading our pipeline system and invest approximately $700 million annually in pipeline integrity and system reliability. Our designs for new pipelines meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements.

Our businesses work hard to provide safe and reliable services to natural gas gathering, processing, transmission and storage customers. Our approach consists of two key elements – each helps ensure reliability while reducing the potential for an incident or loss:

  • Management Systems and Processes - We focus on reducing risks, ensuring compliance and continuously improving through the implementation of operations management systems. For consistency, we use our Operational Performance Assurance (OPA) Framework, which sets expectations for each business unit in six areas such as risk management, operational controls and management review.
  • Leadership and Personnel – Our culture includes a focus on leadership and the competence of individuals and teams, as well as the integrity of equipment and integrated systems and work processes. 

We have a strong asset safety record. In the past five years, the incident rate for Spectra Energy’s U.S. onshore natural gas pipelines and facilities is roughly half the rate of the industry average. With our knowledge and sound track record, we have been invited to contribute to several industry committees, helping to raise the bar and set expectations for the industry.

At Spectra Energy, Safety is Above All Else. No incident is acceptable. We challenge ourselves to learn and improve our practices as well as, evaluate our performance and the performance of those around us.

5-Year Incident Rate (2011-2015): .15 Spectra Energy’s U.S. Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines vs. .36 All U.S. Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

From 2011 to 2015, Spectra Energy's reportable incidents for onshore pipelines were less than half the rate of the industry average. Offshore (Gulf of Mexico) pipelines are not included as PHMSA typically tracks offshore incidents separately based on a set of circumstances unique to offshore pipelines.