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Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to being responsible environmental stewards while helping meet North America’s increasing energy needs.

Our operations and our growth depend on access to land  for infrastructure, energy to run our facilities, water for our construction activities and operations, and materials to build new infrastructure. We rely on these to conduct our business, and we take our responsibility to manage the impact of our operations and growth – including emissions to air, discharges to water and waste disposal on land – very seriously. Our business depends on maintaining our license to operate through responsible resource use and effective management of our asset footprint, and strict regulatory compliance.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy outlines the principles which govern our approach to respecting the environment. Our environmental strategy focuses on meeting or exceeding compliance requirements and proactively managing environmental issues that can affect business performance.

For new projects, we conduct risk-based Environmental Assessments to identify community concerns, environmental impacts and mitigation measures, in addition to social and economic conditions. These assessments are integrated into our project management systems so that environmental and stakeholder concerns are incorporated in our decision-making process early on and help guide project development and execution.

For our operational assets, Spectra Energy has a structured operations framework, Operations Performance Assurance, which sets minimum requirements for management systems in each business unit to ensure compliance, manage risks and meet performance objectives. 

For multi-year information on environmental performance, see data table.

Greenhouse Gas
decreased more than 20%
Air Emissions
reduced 20%
more than
total waste generated
fresh water
used is recycled to similar or higher quality
more than
million metric tons methane emissions since 2007
Since 1997, Union Gas Demand Side Management programs have saved
$2.8 billion
total resource costs
8.7 billion
cubic meters of natural gas
which translates to
16 million
metric tons of CO2 emissions
2.9 million
cars on Ontario roads

Spectra Energy only operates in North America and its business operations are governed by the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Canadian National Energy Board (NEB), the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and other provincial and state regulators. All of these regulators require Environmental Impact Assessments/Social Impact Assessments as part of the regulatory approval process for projects.

In addition to these requirements, Spectra Energy voluntarily conducts environmental and social assessments for new major projects or extensions of existing operations in order to anticipate and proactively address stakeholder concerns. Addressing these concerns early helps ensure that our projects can be delivered on-time and on budget.

Operations Performance Assurance – A Spectra Energy framework that sets expectations to reduce risks, ensure compliance and provide for continuous performance improvement in each business unit.