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Highlights & Challenges

Spectra Energy employee cradles a plant; tractor mows the pipeline right of way.

As one of North America's premier pipeline and midstream companies, Spectra Energy takes environmental stewardship very seriously. Natural gas is the cleanest burning conventional fuel, producing 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal. Here are some of our highlights of what we have achieved and challenges we face.

Spectra Energy reports GHG emissions data and additional comprehensive information regarding our carbon management strategies and actions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Submitted on an annual basis, these reports outline key issues and company actions around climate change. View Spectra Energy’s 2013 CDP Submission.


  • Reducing carbon dioxide and other emissions by more than 5.3 million metric tons from 2007–2011, with a focus on operational efficiencies; operating nine carbon capture and storage facilities; and providing energy efficiency and management programs for customers.
  • Conserving more than 495 million cubic meters of natural gas and lowering our customers’ energy costs by $1.4 billion from 2007–2011 through Union Gas’ energy management programs.
  • Reducing our air pollutant emissions by 24 percent since 2007.


  • Minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations while growing our business.
  • Managing operations in environmentally and/or culturally-sensitive areas.
  • Monitoring, influencing and preparing for legislation and/or regulations that address greenhouse gases and encourage increased utilization of cleaner, lower-carbon natural gas.
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