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New Projects

Natural gas is a vital energy resource. It is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel - and it is domestic, abundant, reliable and versatile.

Increasing demand for natural gas drives our growth. As a leader in operating and developing natural gas infrastructure, Spectra Energy responds to market needs in determining where and when our pipelines and facilities are expanded.

Natural gas is abundant in North America and current estimates point to more than 100 years worth of supply availability. Recent advances and a long history of innovation remind us that technology will continue to emerge and develop, allowing us to further tap this clean-burning energy alternative.

Natural gas works hard for North America, heating homes, generating electricity, powering our manufacturing plants, providing raw material for a range of products and fueling transportation. Its versatility doesn't stop there. Natural gas is also an excellent complement to renewable technologies such as wind and solar, providing low-emission backup generation when needed.

Our pipeline, storage and gathering and processing facilities are strategically located near natural gas supply basins and emerging unconventional natural gas shale plays.

Our customers look to us as a preferred conduit to connect growing natural gas supply areas to premium markets, and our expert teams design expansion projects to respond to this need.

When developing projects, we conduct a comprehensive consultation process with all stakeholders to develop a technically feasible pipeline route that achieves a balance between the number of landowners affected, impact to the environment, constructability requirements and safety regulations, while also meeting customer needs and creating economic opportunities for communities.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the lead permitting agency for our U.S. interstate pipeline projects. FERC is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas and oil. 

Our Western Canadian projects are regulated by the National Energy Board (NEB), an independent federal agency established in 1959 by the Parliament of Canada to regulate international and interprovincial aspects of the oil, gas and electric utility industries. The NEB is accountable to Parliament through the Minister of Natural Resources Canada.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulates our Union Gas projects as well as Ontario's natural gas and electricity industries. The OEB also provides advice on energy matters referred to it by the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Natural Resources.

The ultimate goal at Union Gas is to contribute positively to the economic, social and environmental vitality of Ontario. We work hard to ensure that the province's natural gas supply portfolio is diverse, reliable, secure and cost competitive.

Union Gas has been operating in Ontario for more than 100 years, and we have 67,000 kilometres of pipeline in the ground. In the coming years, we are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to improve the reach and reliability of our pipeline system in Ontario. Learn more about Union Gas projects.

Thanks to the power of our growing portfolio, we are connecting the largest diverse markets with growing supply.

We are moving ahead and gaining momentum as we expand our total portfolio via project execution and acquisitions.