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Natural Gas & Oil 101

At Spectra Energy, we are proud to move the energy that improves lives, heats our homes, produces electricity and powers our vehicles.

Learn more about the fundamentals of our industry and how energy gets to you reliably and responsibly.

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Oil & Gas Production In A Global Context

Technological innovation in the U.S. oil and gas sector has created a bonanza of production since the mid-2000s.  Learn more about the basics of the business and geopolitical implications.


Learn more about the complex system that safely and efficiently transports natural gas and oil.

Spectra Energy uses sophisticated processes and equipment to purify natural gas for consumer use.

Storing natural gas helps ensure that gas is available when it is needed the most.

Distribution of natural gas is the final step in providing gas to consumers.

Natural Gas Liquids

Natural gas liquids (NGLs) are a type of hydrocarbon that, while typically found as a gas underground, condenses to liquid form at the surface.

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Terminology associated with the energy industry can be confusing. Learn about some of the most common terms.