Spectra Energy Corp Headquarters

5400 Westheimer Court
Houston, TX 77056-5310
(713) 627-5400

Emergency Contacts


U.S. Emergency Contacts

Algonquin Gas Transmission 1-800-726-8383
Bobcat Storage Operations Control Room 1-337-585-0526
Dauphin Island Gathering Partners - DCP Midstream Gas Control 1-888-204-1781
East Tennessee Natural Gas 1-888-231-2294
Gulfstream 1-800-440-8475
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline 1-888-576-4634
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline - Canada 1-888-444-6677
Market Hub Partners Egan Louisiana 1-337-824-6100
Market Hub Partners Moss Bluff Texas 1-936-336-8761
Ozark Gas Transmission and Ozark Gas Gathering 1-877-535-0242
Steckman Ridge 1-800-231-7794
Texas Eastern Transmission 1-800-231-7794

Spectra Energy Pipelines - U.S.

Western Canada

BC Pipeline, BC Field Services & Midstream Divisions 1-800-663-9931
PTC Pipeline/Natural Gas Liquids Division 1-877-824-3577

Western Canada Pipelines

Express-Platte Pipeline System

Control Room for Express Canada, Express U.S. and Platte 1-888-449-7539


Union Gas

Union Gas Emergency Information

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