Spectra Energy Corp Headquarters

5400 Westheimer Court
Houston, TX 77056-5310
(713) 627-5400

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Spectra Energy Corp Headquarters

5400 Westheimer Court
Houston, TX 77056-5310
(713) 627-5400

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AP Helpdesk
(855) 252-1066

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Business Development

U.S. Contacts

John Bremner
Vice President Marketer Services and Business Development

Steve Poredos
General Manager, Storage

Brian McKerlie
Vice President, Business Development

Gregg Pierce
Director, Business Development

Mike Whalen
General Manager, Marketing, Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline L.P.

Pat Whitty
Vice President, Corporate Business Development

Canadian Contacts

Marion Burnyeat
Vice President, Field Services, Canada West

Mark Isherwood
Vice President, Business Development Storage Transmission, Union Gas

Bob Bissett
Vice President, Midstream, Canada West

Garth Johnson
Vice President, Pipeline & Strategic Development, Canada West

Careers / Jobs / Recruiting
Credit Risk Management

Roy Breen
GM, Commodity Credit Risk Management

Hien Duong
Director, Credit Risk Management

Customer Service - Storage & Pipeline Transport

Amy Donley
General Manager, Customer Administration

Leah Moss
General Manager, Marketer and Producer Services

Richard Paglia
Vice President, Marketing

Bill Whaley
Vice President, Gas Control, Capacity Services & Measurement Integrity

Customer Service - Canada West

Michael Kelly
Vice President, Customer Operations
Canada West

Customer Service - Union Gas

Customer Relations Department
(800) 265-9872

FERC Compliance

Megan Doss Miller
Manager, FERC Compliance

Richard Kruse
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & FERC Compliance Officer

Government Affairs

Brian Fahrenthold
Southeast Regional Director, State Government Affairs

Tim Kennedy
Vice President, Government & Aboriginal Affairs, Canada

Cameron Matte
Director, Communications & External Relations, Canada West

Peter Sheffield
Vice President, Federal and State Government Affairs

John Sheridan
Northeast Regional Director, State Government Affairs

Steve Tillman
Director, Federal Government Affairs

Gary Weilinger
Vice President, External Affairs, Canada West

Investor Relations / Shareholder Services

Roni Cappadonna
General Manager, Investor Relations

MaeDell Carpenter
Manager, Shareholder Services


Kent Denny
Director, Transmission Services

Fulkra Mason
Vice President, Southeast Transmission & Storage

Mike Shannon
Vice President, Distribution Operations, Union Gas

Michele Harradence
Vice President, Operations & EHS, Canada West

Tom Wooden
Vice President, Northeast Transmission

Stakeholder Outreach / Community Investment

Susan Waller
Vice President, Stakeholder Outreach & Sustainability

Andrea Grover (SE U.S.)
Director, Stakeholder Outreach

Marylee Hanley (NE U.S.)
Director, Stakeholder Outreach

Arthur Diestel
Manager, Stakeholder Outreach

Regan Kasman (Houston)
Manager, Community Relations

Marian Redford (Union Gas)
Manager, Community Investment, Ontario Canada

Joshua Smith
Communications & External Relations, Canada West

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